The Process

At Merck and Associates, we pride ourselves on standing out from the competition. From the initial consultation to the final project, trust that Merck and Associates has your best interest at heart. Set up your appointment with Merck and Associates and experience the difference.


Initial consultation

Once you have set up your appointment with Merck and Associates, one of our expert estimators will meet with you onsite to discuss the scope of work, budget for the project and your expectations.



Our professional estimator will gather all necessary information in order to create the most accurate and detailed estimate possible. This estimate will be delivered to you for your review and approval.



After the estimate has been approved by the client, a project manager will be selected and assigned to the project. Your project manager will contact you to make introductions and an onsite pre-construction meeting will be scheduled at this time. During the meeting, your project manager will to go over the scope of work, associated costs, and discuss what to expect throughout your project. Your project manager will help you determine any selections that need to be made as well as a timeframe for making these selections.



After the pre-construction meeting, your project manager will begin ordering any “special order” items and procuring materials for your project. They will communicate with you to determine the best staging areas for the materials and debris.



Once materials have been delivered and the project is ready to begin, your project manager will schedule the installation process. This is one of the most critical processes in making sure that the project is completed on time and in budget. Your project manager will be communicating with you throughout the project to ensure that you are up to speed on the progress of your project.


Substantial completion

When the project enters the substantial completion phase, meaning the area can be used for its intended purpose, your project manager will schedule a walk through meeting. During this meeting you and your project manager will identify any items that are deficient or in need of repair. A punch list will be created and your project manager will begin the punchout process.


Final completion

At the final completion stage of your project, the items from the punch list will be corrected and your job will be 100% complete.